Light Maintenance Service

Changing your oil is a necessity, not a luxury, and most automobile owner manuals recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. The demands your car puts on your engine's oil are very unforgiving, and eventually the oil loses its ability to lubricate, cool, clean, and flow freely. In fact, not changing your oil regularly will substantially reduce your engine's life span, and oil is much cheaper than replacing your engine. 

At Stepp Brothers Body Shop, we offer convenient scheduling and competitive rates on all of your oil changing needs, and our services include:

Conventional Oil Changes
High mileage Oil Changes
Truck/SUV/ Minivan Oil Changes
Synthetic Oil Changes
Air Filter Replacements
Fuel Filter Replacements
Cabin Filters- If applicable

So bring your vehicle in to Stepp Brothers Body Shop for service you can depend on, and afford! Call today to schedule an oil and filter change.